I have a background in social work and psychotherapy, currently working at the University of Bath as a Teaching Fellow in Social Work and as a therapeutic social worker with various charities.

I have worked in social work since 1983 and as an Integrative Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist with children, couples and adults for 25 years.

I qualified as a psychotherapist with Revision and studied archetypal & cultural psychology for three years with Thiasos in London.

I am a PhD candidate in Education at the University of Bath researching children’s relationships with nature and feelings about climate change.

Other research projects include: therapy dogs working with people with alzheimers’, issues of identity affecting refugee and asylum seeking children, public attitudes and relationships with ‘wildlife’ and seagulls, and therapeutic relationships with horses and llamas with children & people with alzheimers.

My psychotherapy dissertation explored grief and depression and our relationship with the sea and salt water, both real and imaginal.

I am also a PADI diving instructor and have spent many therapeutic hours hanging out with fish working underwater in the Sinai, Egypt.